Accurate Deflection and Stiffness Assessment of Cement-Lined Pipe Spools through Finite Element Analysis

Introduction In the field of engineering design, the precision of pipe flexibility analysis models is critically important for accurately assessing nozzle loads in steel piping systems. The complexity of accurately modeling such systems increases particularly when dealing with non-standard piping designs, where specific details, such as the use of internal liners, are crucial. Internal liners, […]

Thermal expansion of trapped liquids

In 2013, a major incident occurred in a Louisiana chemical plant. In a nonroutine operation, plant operators attempted to start a heat exchanger which had been inactive for some time. Unbeknownst to the operators, the heat exchanger shell side was filled with liquid and was closed off from its pressure relief by a closed valve. […]

Surge Problems And Their Mitigation

surge analysis,

To understand pressure surges in large piping systems, a good place to start is at home. When you finish washing your hands, turning off the tap halts the flow of water. In certain homes and when closing the tap very quickly, you may hear a soft bang as you do so. This is because the […]

Vibrations Analysis – Induced Vibrations

Brief introduction to piping vibrations Vibrations are an oscillatory motion about an equilibrium. The oscillatory movement causes alternating stresses in the system, which, if excessive could lead to fatigue failure. Every structural system will exhibit a series of natural frequencies: the frequencies at which the system can easily vibrate. Natural frequencies depend on the system […]