Stand-Alone license FEATools now available

The new 15.0 version of FEATools is now also available as Stand-Alone version. Dynaflow offers three license types for the PRG2021 FEA software suite:

  • The FEPipe license includes all modules and programs
  • The NozzlePRO license includes NozzlePRO and a subset of the modules
  • The FEATools license includes the FEA translator for piping systems and additional FEA tools *NEW*

FEATools is a collection of programs to enhance standard pipe stress and vessel analysis by providing state-of-the-art finite element solutions, correlations and comparisons for common piping and pressure vessel components.

The FEA translator transforms your piping model (CAESAR II and PCL-Gold) by including upgraded branch connections (with the addition of rigid elements and restraints) to better simulate real-world displacement and forces. The FEA-based calculations provide the necessary k-factors, SSIs and SIFs that will be added to every branch connection.

As the name suggest, with an FEATools license you will have access to multiple FEA programs from the PRG FEA software suite. Besides the Piping FEA Translator, you will have also access to:

• FESIF to assess Stress Intensification Factors for branch connections;
• FEBend to analyze individual Bends with pipe or structural attachments;
• FETee to analyze individual Tees;
• And many more.

For more information, please contact:

Software Sales

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