Release ISOtracer 2.1

DRG is pleased to announce the next release of ISOtracer, version 2.1. This new release includes various new components and under-the-hood improvements.

The main improvements include:

  • More robust and reliable database handling. To lower the probability that the model database might become corrupt, ISOtracer will open the database only temporarily whenever it needs to access the database, thereby reducing the time between the moment that write operations are issued by ISOtracer and that they have been handled at the database end.
  • Support for filtering the isometric drawings according to a specified pattern. This helps you focus on the relevant part or parts of the piping system, thereby helping you to work more efficiently. The filtering of isometric drawings is case-insensitive unless the search pattern contains upper-case characters.
  • Automatic orientation of the coordinate axes. When new isometric drawings are imported into ISOtracer, the orientation of the coordinate axes is automatically copied from the last drawing to the new drawings. You can still modify the orientation on individual drawings if that is necessary.
  • Various other improvements, including improvement of the way that markers are selected; prevention elements becoming very small when inserting flanges; and improvement of the status text when undoing a restraint toggle operation.

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