Release ISOtracer 1.1

DRG is pleased to announce the release of ISOtracer 1.1, the fastest modeling tool for piping systems. This new release includes various new components and under-the-hood improvements.

The main improvements include the:

  • Support for entering nominal pipe sizes and pipe schedules. In particular, one may specify a pipe schedule when specifying the thickness of a pipe.
  • Support for viewing and printing a bill of quantities that provides an overview of all components used in a pipeline system.
  • Shortcut keys for defining common types of supports. Use the function keys to insert various types of supports, including guides and rest supports.
  • New element types: Valve, Flange, Reducer, and Equipment. Elements of type Flange can be inserted by splitting existing elements. The elements to be split can be selected visually.
  • Support for specifying different types of T-junctions (tees, in short), including Reinforced, Unreinforced, and Weldolet. The tee type may be used by pipe stress programs to determine a Stress Intensity Factor (SIF).
  • Support for viewing and editing node coordinates. You can set absolute coordinates at a node and view the resulting coordinates of the connected nodes. This can help verify whether a 3-D model is consistent with the isometric drawings.
  • Support for defining textual labels associated with nodes.

For more information, please contact:

Software Sales

+31 85 058 00 46