Release 1.1: Select by Properties in ISOtracer

Building a model of a piping system is more often than not an iterative process. That is, after building the initial model, it typically needs to be modified multiple times before arriving at the final model. As modifications tend to involve multiple elements, an effective modeling tool will provide various ways to select the elements of interest with the minimum amount of effort.

Our piping modeling tool ISOtracer will soon be even more efficient when making changes to a model as it will support the selection and modification of elements on the basis of their properties. This means, for instance, that you can select all pipe elements with a specific diameter or wall thickness and change their properties with only a few operations. This applies to nodes too, so you can select all nodes with specific restraints and make changes to those nodes. This new feature not only saves time but also helps you prevent (subtle) modeling mistakes.

select-by-properties, isotracer

The upcoming ISOtracer release will therefore be an even more efficient tool for building sophisticated 3-D piping models. Better yet, our flow simulation tools BOSpulse and BOSfluids will soon also offer this powerful new editing feature.

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