Coupled Thermodynamic BOSfluids-Jive Simulations

BOSfluids Thermodynamic ModuleBOSfluids is known for its steady state, quasi-steady state, and transient flow solvers and the more recent interface to the structural solver of ANSYS. Recently the steady state solver of BOSfluids has been extended with a thermodynamic module. That is, given thermal boundary conditions, BOSfluids calculate the temperature profile within the fluid by […]

Jive becomes open source

Jive becomes open source. It is our C++ library that is aimed at solving partial differential equations. It has been used for more than a decade to develop state- of-the art numerical models and algorithms. Including multi-scale models, XFEM models, Isogeometric models and space-time solution methods. As of February the 1st this year Jive will […]