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ISOtracer – The fastest model builder

ISOtracer is soon to be released for a limited number customers for beta testing purposes. Beginning of 2016 the first release is expected.

ISOtracer is the most effective tool to rapidly construct a 3-D piping model from isometrics by simply clicking on your isometrics. The high level of build-in intelligence limits the user interaction to a minimum, allowing for an extremely fast modeling. The immediate construction of the 3-D model while ‘tracing’ the pipe system on the isometric allows not only for a visual verification by the user, but also for a number of automated checks to inspect correctness of the constructed model.

In brief, the steps involved are:

  • Load isometrics
  • Build model by clicking on (tracing) the isometrics
  • Export model to Caesar II/BOSfluids and print your marked-up isometrics

For more information please contact:

DRG Software
+31 85 058 00 46