ISOtracer Release 2.1: Support for filtering the isometric drawings

When modeling large piping systems, the number of isometric drawings can become substantial. While ISOtracer is perfectly capable of handling a large number of drawings, it might become difficult to find the particular drawing or drawings of interest.

ISOtracer screenshot

ISOtracer 2.1 therefore provides support for filtering the list of isometric drawings according to a specified search pattern. This helps you focus on the relevant part or parts of the piping system, thereby helping you to work more efficiently. Simply enter a string in the search box at the top of the isometric drawing list, and the list will only show the drawings of which the name matches the search pattern. The filtering of isometric drawings is case insensitive unless the search pattern contains upper case characters.

Sometimes small changes can have a disproportionate effect on the usability of a product. This might be one of those for you.

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