Preguntas y respuestas para el webinar: Integración de BOSfluids

Preguntas frecuentes sobre la integración de BOSfluids con CAESAR II con otros programas de tensión de tuberías Lee la versión en inglés ¿Maneja BOSfluids fenómenos de flujo bifásico, como la limpieza/purgado de líneas con gas a presión o llenado de sistemas de aspersores contra incendios? BOSfluids tiene soporte para análisis de inundación y drenaje. Estos […]

Questions And Answers: BOSfluids Integration With Caesar II

Read the version in Spanish Does BOSfluids handle two-phase flow phenomena, like line clean-out/purging with pressurized gas or the filling of a water deluge (fire) system?BOSfluids has support for flood and drain analyses. These analyses assume that the flooding or draining happens sufficiently fast that the liquid/air interface can be assumed to be perpendicular to […]

Upcoming BOSfluids release offers a steady state license option

BOSfluids is mostly known and used for transient flow analyses. However, it also provides a robust, fast, and accurate steady-state flow solver that can handle systems filled with liquids or gases. The upcoming BOSfluids 7.0 will offer a steady-state license option that makes BOSfluids a very capable and cost-effective solution for the analysis of steady-state […]

Coupled Thermodynamic BOSfluids-Jive Simulations

BOSfluids Thermodynamic ModuleBOSfluids is known for its steady state, quasi-steady state, and transient flow solvers and the more recent interface to the structural solver of ANSYS. Recently the steady state solver of BOSfluids has been extended with a thermodynamic module. That is, given thermal boundary conditions, BOSfluids calculate the temperature profile within the fluid by […]