BOSview 2.0 released

BOSview is a free tool that can be used for viewing piping system file formats and result files that have been created with BOSfluids or BOSpulse. This new version of BOSview is now also compatible with CAESAR II neutral files and Piping Component Files (PCF).

CAESAR II Neutral files are used to import or export data from the pipe stress analysis software CAESAR II.

Besides CAESAR II, various other programs dealing with piping systems can generate these files.

The new BOSview release includes several enhancements to manipulate PCF input to ignore small elements and to fix mismatching coordinates.

BOSview can also import a piping model from a single or a collection of PCF files that can be created by various CAD tools.

If you would like to download BOSview or for more information, please click here.

For more information, please contact:

Email: Mark Groen

+31 85 058 00 46