BOSpulse: Support for the ASME B31J Piping Code

When we introduced BOSpulse 4.0 it became possible to perform structural, harmonic analyses without leaving the BOSpulse interface. With the new BOSpulse 4.1, we made this capability even more powerful by implementing support for the more sophisticated ASME B31J Piping Code. Another significant reason to perform all your structural harmonic analyses with BOSpulse.

The B31J Piping Code is increasingly used to calculate more accurate flexibility factors, sustainable stress indices, and stress intensification factors for branch connections and specific types of piping components and geometries. By adopting this piping code BOSpulse can more accurately predict the stresses and displacements resulting from harmonic pressure waves occurring in piping systems. This, in turn, helps to increase the amount of certainty with which you can determine whether the harmonic pressure waves can lead to the non-acceptable structural behavior of the piping system.

BOSpulse makes it possible to specify the flexibility factors and stress intensification factors manually on a branch-specific basis for additional flexibility. This also reduces the need to explicitly export the structural model and tune the model before running it through a structural solver.

With this latest release of BOSpulse 4.1 you are offered a choice between either the newly implemented Piping Code ASME B31J or the already available ASME B31.3 Piping Code. The piping code to be used can be specified in the analysis settings of the software.

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