BOSpulse: Save time modelling with the new PSD generator

Pulsation Suppression Devices (PSDs) are commonly used in piping systems with, for instance, reciprocating compressors. These PSDs currently need to be modelled with a collection of elements, which can involve some effort as all of these elements have to be manually created. However, most PSDs are similar in layout, as they tend to be composed of multiple chambers connected by one or more internal tubes.

The coming release of BOSpulse, version 5.1, will therefore introduce a new modelling tool to generate the elements that make up a complete PSD based on a limited number of input parameters. In particular, you can specify the general dimensions of the PSD, the number of chambers, the geometry of the tubes connecting these chambers, and some additional properties of the PSD. The new tool will then automatically generate the individual elements based on these parameters, saving you modelling time. In addition to that, this new method of constructing a PSD is less prone to errors as the acoustic lengths and volumes are calculated automatically. The generated elements can still be edited afterwards, so you retain the freedom to design PSDs according to your specific needs.

The new tool can help you improve your workflow and accuracy for API 618 and API 674 studies as it eliminates manual operations while preserving the capability to handle specific and non-standard PSDs.

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