BOSpulse: New support for stepless flow control

An increasing number of reciprocating compressors are equipped with actuators that can regulate the opening state of suction valves to reduce the capacity (or flow) rate continuously from 100% to zero. This so-called stepless capacity or flow control has proven to be an effective way to save energy when operating a compressor at a lower capacity.

The reciprocating compressor models implemented by BOSpulse have therefore been extended with support for simulating stepless flow control. This means that you can now specify the desired capacity as a percentage of the full flow rate. BOSpulse will automatically determine how long the suction valves need to be forced open to obtain the desired flow rate. This works both for the reciprocating boundary condition type and the reciprocating element type. When using the latter, the valve dynamics can be simulated for the duration that the suction valves are not forced to be open. This new feature enables BOSpulse to be used more accurately in a wider range of situations, making it an even more effective tool for pulsation analyses.

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