BOSpulse: New support for generating torque graphs

The reciprocating compressor models implemented by BOSpulse require a substantial number of input parameters that affect the magnitude and shape of the generated flow rate. As the flow rate is the main source of the pressure pulsations, a small mistake in the input parameters can lead to an inaccurate or even invalid API assessment.

To help you avoid these situations, this BOSpulse release brings a new compressor configuration window that displays the flow rate curve and the average flow rate that is to be expected with the specified input parameters. This makes mistakes in the input parameters much more apparent so that they can be corrected before any analysis has been performed yet.

In addition to the flow rate, the compressor configuration window displays the P-V diagram and the torque acting on the crankshaft as a function of the crank angle. The data displayed in a torque graph can be exported in various formats so that they can be used, for instance, as input for torsional vibration analysis. The data displayed in the other graphs can also be exported so that they can be used for further processing.

A compressor configuration window is an effective tool for gaining a priori insight into the way that a compressor operates. It can also be used as a position in helping you better understand the results of an API analysis. Either way, it can make you perform more accurate pulsation analyses with less effort.

Furthermore, we would also like to inform new and future users that our “BOSpulse Foundations: Pulsation Analysis” training course is available as a self-paced online training course. For more information on this course and other courses please visit us on

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