BOSpulse: New node type for modeling end caps

BOSpulse offers a new Cap node type with which you can more accurately model Pressure Suppression Devices (PSDs) and therefore perform more accurate API 618 and API 674 analyses. Modeling the acoustic length and volume of the piping system is of great importance for an API 618 or API 674 analysis, especially when it comes to the modeling of PSDs. PSDs are often composed of large-diameter cylinders and curved end caps. These caps extend the volume of a PSD and thus affect the acoustic resonance modes of the PSD.

bospulse end caps

The new Cap node type can model both ellipsoidal and dished caps. The Cap node automatically increases the length and volume of the attached PSD based on the specified geometry of the cap.
It can be attached to a single pipe element or two pipe elements. In the latter case the pipe element with the smallest diameter is assumed to be a nozzle that is attached to the outer surface of the cap. Last but not least, the Cap node can impose a reflection coefficient to account for acoustic losses at an end cap.

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