BOSpulse: Improved structural analysis interface

The previous BOSpulse release brought a bridge between the flow domain and the structural domain in the form of a structural solver interface. This enables you to perform a forced mechanical response analysis without having to perform error-prone and manual conversions from the flow model to the structural model.

The structural solver interface has seen various improvement in the upcoming BOSpulse release, version 4.2. A significant improvement concerns the extended support for specifying geometry parameters, flexibility factors, stiffness parameters, and stress intensification factors that are associated with tee junctions. A new tee junction configuration window not only simplifies the specification of these parameters but also shows the default values determined by the applicable piping code. A new output report also lists the actual values that have been used in a structural analysis. Another improvement has resulted in more robust and much more efficient processing of results obtained with the ANSYS structural solver.

In addition to the above, this new BOSpulse release provides support for marking pipe elements as being rigid and for updating the coordinates of nodes that are connected by a restraint. All these larger and smaller improvements make BOSpulse an even more compelling tool for performing thorough pulsation analyses.

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