BOSpulse Highlight

BOSpulse highlight: Fast pulsation solver for design purposes

One of the key features in the new release of BOSpulse 3.0 is an additional “harmonic” solver. This new solver uses the linear set of equations in order to a significant amount of computational time.

10 to 100 times speed-up compared to conventional solvers
The new solver allows for a significant speed-up of design iterations. This solver can fully analyze a compressor/pump system within several seconds, whereas conventional solvers would take minutes or even up to an hour. This speed up has been observed by DRG during several projects now and has saved significant time and associated costs in the design.

Better final design
As the solver now allows for more design iterations, more design options to optimize the final design. This as a game changer as it allows you to save time and costs when optimizing a proposed design based on Client feedback.

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