BOSpulse: Automatic steady-state tuning

A harmonic flow analysis requires the specification of at least one pressure boundary condition, typically at a boundary of the piping model. In some situations, however, the exact pressure at that point is not known but must be determined by trial and error in order to obtain a specific pressure at a compressor flange. BOSpulse 4.1 can simplify and speed up this procedure by automatically tuning the steady state conditions.

BOSpulse now enables you to specify a target pressure for a compressor flange node. When you do that, you also must add a so-called terminal point node to the piping model. BOSpulse will then automatically determine the required pressure at the terminal point node in such a way that the steady state pressure at the compressor flange node matches the specified target pressure. You therefore need not to know the exact pressure at the boundary of your model; you only need to indicate where you want to impose a fixed pressure boundary condition.

This new feature, together with many other smaller and larger new features, helps to streamline harmonic analyses so that you can focus on the important aspects of these analyses.

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