BOSpulse 5.1: Improved support for modeling PSDs

Pulsation Suppression Devices (PSDs) are commonly used in gas compression systems to reduce the pressure pulsations due to reciprocating equipment. While BOSpulse has enabled one to build accurate models of PSDs, this has been a manual process involving the detailed specification of all elements making up a PSD. BOSpulse 5.1 simplifies this process significantly by providing a new, dedicated PSD Editor.

Using the PSD Editor you can create a so-called PSD Assembly that is essentially a description of a PSD in terms of its geometry, topology, and other relevant parameters. After that, BOSpulse will instantiate the PSD Assembly by extending the current piping model with the elements that model the chambers, choke tubes, baffle plates, and nozzles. When you later make changes to the PSD Assembly, the corresponding elements in the model will be updated too. If necessary, you can still make changes to those elements to fine-tune your model.

While editing a PSD Assembly, the PSD Editor will show what the PSD will look like within the piping model. This can help you verify that the specified parameters are correct before the PSD Assembly is instantiated.

PSD Assemblies can be copied so that you can insert multiple, (nearly) identical PSDs into your model without any effort. You can also save a PSD Assembly to the components database so that you can reuse it in a different model.

The new PSD Editor comes with a foundation that will make it possible to extend BOSpulse with new types of assemblies in the future. You can therefore expect future releases of BOSpulse to bring similar features that will help you build models with less effort and fewer errors.


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