BOSpulse 5.1: Improved performance of the flow solvers

An API analysis can involve many scenarios and parameter variations. The analysis time may therefore be a significant factor in the execution of a pulsation project, especially if it involves a non-trivial piping model. Fortunately, BOSpulse 5.1 brings several improvements that may reduce the analysis time considerably.

Both the transient (time domain) and harmonic (frequency domain) solution methods have been modified in several ways to reduce the analysis time considerably for most models. In particular, the transient solution method has been improved so that it better handles initial transient effects and that it reduces the number of calculations without lowering the accuracy. The harmonic solution method has been improved by switching to a different procedure for transferring the results to the user interface. Both methods have been improved by reusing the steady state results between different parameter variations. All in all these modifications can reduce the analysis time by several factors, making BOSpulse 5.1 a more effective tool for performing API analyses.


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