BOSpulse 5.0: Improved structural solver interface

The structural solver interface provided by BOSpulse greatly simplifies structural harmonic analyses according to the Design Approach 3 in API 618. This interface has seen some significant improvements in the latest BOSpulse release.

One improvement concerns the extension of the structural harmonic analysis type has been extended with a load case schedule that provides more control over which combinations of API parameter variations, harmonics, and structural frequencies are to be used in the analysis. Three different load case schedules enable you to make a trade-off between computational effort and accuracy. For instance, you can select the Modal Frequency schedule that reduces the computational effort by focusing on the harmonic forces that are likely to cause structural resonance. That is, it takes all harmonic forces obtained from all API variations and discards those forces with a frequency that does not match any of the structural natural frequencies.

Another improvement concerns support for specifying the output reduction method. This enables you to determine for which load cases the results, including displacements, stresses, and forces, should be saved to the output database. With this new feature, you can control how BOSpulse eliminates one dimension from the four-dimensional parameter space spanned by the elements, the harmonics, the API variations, and the structural variations.

Other improvements to the structural solver interface include the addition of new data sets, including several stress-related data sets, and a per-harmonic Vibration Speed RMS data set; support for specifying an additional mass at nodes; and support for specifying which data sets are to be saved to the results database.

The improvements to the structural solver interface make BOSpulse an even more powerful and unique tool for performing accurate and comprehensive pulsation analyses.

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