BOSpulse 5.0: Improved model-building user interface

The upcoming BOSpulse release, version 5.0, comes with a new setup of the first two top-level tab pages in the user interface. This change improves the distinction between the actions that operate on the main model and those that operate on a sub-scenario. This change makes it possible to skip the Scenarios tab page entirely if no sub-scenarios need to be defined.

The first top-level tab page is now titled “Model” and can be used to build and edit the piping model, specify the boundary conditions and general data, and manage element and node groups. This tab page implicitly operates on the main scenario. A positive side effect of this change is that you can rename individual nodes with less effort.


The second tab page is still titled “Scenarios” but can no longer be used to edit the main scenario. All actions that implicitly operated on the main scenario have therefore been moved to the Model tab page. This includes actions for transforming elements, renumbering nodes, and managing groups.

This change lowers the learning curve associated with BOSfluids by eliminating the potential confusion between the main scenario and sub-scenarios. At the same time, it retains all the features that make the BOSpulse user interface unique and efficient.

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