BOSpulse 5.0: Extended vessel and orifice models

The latest BOSpulse release brings extended Surge Vessel and Orifice element types.

The Surge Vessel element has been extended with support for specifying the gas pressure and volume at the time of installation. In that case, the initial liquid height is determined in a steady-state analysis such that it balances the specified gas pressure.

The Orifice element has been extended with support for the ISO 5167 (2003) calculation method. This means that you do not need to specify a discharge coefficient (or an equivalent quantity) anymore; BOSpulse will determine the discharge coefficient automatically during a steady-state analysis. The Orifice element has also been extended with support for modeling multi-hole orifice plates.

The extended element types expand the scope of BOSpulse and provide you with an even more powerful tool for pulsation analyses.

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