BOSpulse 4.1 release notes

DRG is delighted to announce the next release of BOSpulse, version 4.1.

BOSpulse is our powerful software solution for performing pulsation analyses of piping systems involving reciprocating equipment in an interactive and visual way. Version 4.1 marks a major update of BOSpulse. It brings many new features and significant improvements to existing features. Although not all changes are visible, they will help extending and improving BOSpulse in the (near) future.

New features include:

  • Support for the ASME B31J Piping Code; run coupled, harmonic fluid-structure analyses with more accurate flexibility factors, sustainable stress indices, and stress intensification factors for branch connections and specific types of piping components and geometries.
  • Improved structural analysis interface; create more detailed and accurate structural models by specifying insulation layers, restraint stiffnesses, and local mesh refinement factors.
  • Improved reciprocating element types; take advantage of various improvements to the reciprocating elements to perform more detailed pulsation and accurate analyses.
  • Automatic steady state tuning; specify a target pressure at a compressor flange and let the steady state solver determine the required pressure boundary condition at an end point of your model.
  • Breakthrough performance gains; see the run time of the transient solver being reduced significantly for detailed piping models.

Furthermore, we would also like to announce that our “BOSpulse Foundations” training course is now available as a self-paced online training course. For more information on this course and other courses please visit us on

For more information on BOSpulse licenses and pricing, please contact:

Software Sales

+31 85 058 00 46

or request the demo version.