BOSpulse 3.1 release notes

DRG is pleased to announce the release of BOSpulse 3.1, the best software tool for pulsation analyses using API 618 and API 674.

The new release is the result of a constant development of our software based on the input of our customers and our own engineers working for our pulsation and vibration service. The new features are focused on reducing modelling time, improving ease-of-use and improved accuracy. We believe that the new improvements significantly add to the value of the software for our customers.

New features include:

Automatic set-up and improved evaluation of PSD devices
  • Tables for calculation of forces on complete Pulsation Suppression Device (PSDs) are now created automatically.
Improved accuracy of fluid properties
  • Fluid properties can be defined as temperature dependent enabling more accurate modelling of coolers banks.
Fast setup of user-defined gases using AGA8 tool
  • Gas properties can be defined using the procedure described in the AGA Report No. 8, Part 1 (2017 version).
Mechanical response study with Bentley AutoPipe
  • Support for exporting the shaking forces to Bentley AutoPIPE.
  • Support for specifying a node remap table that indicates which nodes in the BOSpulse model correspond with which nodes in the AutoPIPE model.
General reduction in modelling effort and improved accuracy
  • Automatic correction in acoustic length of branch elements in a T-junction.
  • Undo/redo functionality
  • Automatic generation of Bill of Quantity
  • Additional options for modelling reciprocating equipment.

To learn more about all the new BOSpulse features please visit the BOSpulse page.

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