BOSpulse 1.1 released

DRG is excited to announce the release of BOSpulse 1.1, our advanced software tool for pulsation analyses and API compliance checks. This new version brings an improved user interface and substantial improvements in the flow solver.

BOSpulse improvements

Improved input and output, including CAESAR II version 7 neutral files;

  • Reduced execution time of the solver;
  • Support for excluding pipe elements from an API check;
  • Extension of the reciprocating compressor boundary condition with support for specifying the crank and rod length;
  • Support for exporting to BOSview;
  • Extension of the Pipe element with support for a minor loss coefficient (K-value);
  • Support for saving 2-D plots and for batch export of 2-D plots;
  • Support for the visual selection (in the 3-D viewer) of groups of elements;
  • Support for duplicating a selected group of elements;
  • Many more improvements in the user interface and flow solver.
  • Request the new BOSpulse demo version here.
bospulse, speed increase

Request the new BOSpulse demo version here.

For more information, please contact:

DRG Software

Phone: +31 85 058 00 46