BOSfluids: Improved pump failure simulations

BOSfluids excel in transient analyses, especially when you are interested in over-pressure or under-pressure situations. As these kinds of situations are often of concern in pump failure scenarios, the latest release of BOSfluids, version 6.1 brings some significant improvements to its capability of simulating such scenarios.

Setting up a pump failure simulation requires the input of a realistic pump map and the specification of boundary conditions with a viable, underlying physical basis. Failure to do so can lead to inaccurate results, often due to the pump failure model being used outside its limitations. As the pump failure model worked more or less as a black box, it was not always obvious to judge the accuracy of the results or to figure out how to modify the model to increase its accuracy.

BOSfluids 6.1 greatly improves this situation by making the black box much more transparent. In particular, BOSfluids 6.1 will issue more warnings when the model is operating outside its limits and when the specified pump map deviates significantly from the so-called Suter curves on which the model is based. BOSfluids 6.1 also extends the collection of standard output reports with a specific pump failure report, and provides better documentation of the pump failure model. All these changes greatly help to perform more reliable transient analyses in which pump failure plays a prominent role.

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