BOSfluids: Exclude and include parts without effort

A flow analysis can involve multiple scenarios in which different parts of a piping model are to be included into or excluded from the analysis. While you could already achieve that in BOSfluids, the new release provides much better support for marking which parts of a model are (in)active in a particular scenario. The traditional way of eliminating a part of a model involved assigning the special type None to the elements making up that part. This did the job, but model information was lost when changing the element type; this information had to be entered again when changing an element from the None type to its original type.

BOSfluids 6.1 does away with the None type and makes it possible to specify for each element whether it is to be part of the flow model and/or structural model. This means that elements can be included and excluded without having to modify their type. In addition to that, excluded or inactive elements are now rendered with a translucent color in the 3-D viewer. This means that they remain visible and selectable; this was not the case for elements of type None.

Although this is a modest change, it does add up to the improved user experience that is brought about by the latest BOSfluids release.

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