BOSfluids 7.1: New flow boundary conditions

BOSfluids provides extensive support for modeling a great variety of boundary conditions, both related to flow conditions and to the mechanical behavior of a piping system. The new 7.1 release makes BOSfluids even more versatile by adding three new boundary condition types: Flow Continuation, Periodic Pressure, and Periodic Flow Rate. The Flow Continuation boundary condition can be used to introduce a geometrical discontinuity in the structural piping model without introducing a similar discontinuity in the flow model. This makes it possible, for instance, to specify additional stiffness parameters at nozzles without having to create a separate flow model.

The Periodic Pressure and Periodic Flow boundary conditions can be used to impose arbitrary periodic flow boundary conditions. They enable you to specify a single period as a piece-wise linear function of time. This period will be repeated throughout a transient or quasi-steady state analysis. You can optionally specify a phase shift and an effective frequency with which you can compress or stretch the base period. The periodic boundary condition types can be used, among others, to model reciprocating and rotating equipment, including pumps.


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