BOSfluids 7.1: Improvement and extension of special flow elements

BOSfluids 7.1 brings several improvements to special flow element types, including check valves, regulator valves, and generic equipment. These improvements increase the accuracy of your flow simulations and lessen the time required to set up a model while reducing the scope for modeling errors.

The different check valve types have been unified into a single Check Valve element type with a more intuitive set of input parameters. This means, among others, that the BOSfluids user interface only shows the parameters that are relevant to the selected behavior of a check valve. The pressure drop calculation for non-ideal check valves has been improved by accounting for the difference between the flow velocity and the (average) axial velocity of the valve disk assembly or closing mechanism. This ensures that a non-ideal check valve will close in a finite period, even when no mass or damping parameters have been specified.

The Regulator Valve element type has been based on a new model that uses a Proportional Integral Differential (PID) control system for adjusting the valve opening. The new model also provides support for specifying a target flow rate in addition to a target pressure.

The Equipment element type has been extended with support for specifying the pressure drop as a piece-wise linear function of the flow rate. This makes it possible, among others, to model equipment over which the pressure drop can not be described by a constant friction factor, and to accurately model fittings for which detailed pressure drop data are available.


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