BOSfluids 7.0: Parameter studies in steady state analyses

BOSfluids not only provides excellent support for sophisticated transient analyses, but also provides robust and increasingly advanced support for steady state and quasi steady state analyses. This is highlighted by the latest BOSfluids release that extends the steady state analysis type with support for parameter studies.

This new feature enables you to study how the steady state flow conditions are affected by varying one or more model parameters. BOSfluids will run a separate simulation for each parameter variation. To reduce the execution time, multiple variations are processed concurrently on different processor cores. A new Variations plot type shows how a selected data set at a selected location in the model depends on the model parameters that have been varied. This enables you, among others, to determine for which parameter values the optimal flow conditions are obtained.

BOSfluids transient analyses steady state and quasi steady state analyses parameter studies.

To make this new feature even more effective, BOSfluids enables you to define a custom data set that is essentially a mathematical expression in terms of sensor output values. This makes it possible to define your fitness function that rates the optimal flow conditions in a non-trivial way.

If you are mainly interested in steady-state flow analyses then you will find BOSfluids a very capable tool. In the case that you do need to perform a transient analysis, BOSfluids will be ready for it.


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