BOSfluids 6.1 released

DRG is pleased to announce the next release of BOSfluids, version 6.1.

BOSfluids is our powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool to perform surge analyses, simulate pump failures and analyze waterhammer events in an interactive and visual way. Version 6.1 marks a major update of BOSfluids. It brings many new features and significant improvements to existing features. Although not all changes are visible, they will help extending and improving BOSfluids in the (near) future.

New features include:
  • Breakthrough performance gains; see the run time of large transient analyses being reduced by up to two orders of magnitude.
  • Improved support for tube rupture analyses; use the new tube rupture and relief valve models to simulate tube rupture events involving flashing and choked flow.
  • Coupled fluid-structure analyses; run transient structural analyses directly from BOSfluids using a supported structural solver.
  • Quasi-steady state analyses; study slowly evolving flow conditions over long periods efficiently using quasi-steady state analyses.
  • EPANET file interface; use the powerful user interface and flow solvers provided by BOSfluids for the analysis of large piping networks stored in EPANET model files.
  • Exclude and include parts without effort; indicate on a per-scenario basis which parts of a piping model are to be included in flow and structural analysis. Excluded parts are rendered with translucent colors so that they can be identified at a glance.
  • Improved pump failure simulations; use the improved information and diagnostics from the pump failure model to perform more accurate transient analyses.

Furthermore, we would also like to announce that our “Water hammer/surge analysis using BOSfluids” training course is now available as a self-paced online training course. For more information on this course and other courses please visit us on

For more information on BOSfluids licenses and pricing, please contact:

Software Sales

+31 85 058 00 46

or request the demo version.