BOSfluids 5.4 released

DRG is happy to announce the next release of BOSfluids, version 5.4. BOSfluids is our powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool used to prevent pipe failures caused by water hammer and surge pressure events. The new BOSfluids provide many new features and improvements that are aimed at making BOSfluids an even more effective waterhammer and surge analysis tool.

BOSfluids User Interface improvements

  • Support for entering nominal pipe sizes and pipe schedules
  • New external file interfaces. Support has been added for importing pipeline models from Piping Component Files (PCF) and from comma-separated (CSV) text files
  • Improvements to the Caesar II neutral file interface, including: support for Caesar version 9 (2017)
  • New axial check valve model
  • Better handling of force pairs. It is no longer necessary to define force pairs manually in order to export the unbalanced forces

BOSfluids Flow Solver improvements

  • Support for running multiple scenarios on multiple processor cores. It is now also possible to view results for a scenario while the another scenario is still being processed. Both changes significantly reduce the time that is spent waiting for results
  • More accurate calculation of the dynamic friction factor per pipe element
  • Improved “Input Echo” report
  • Increase of the maximum model size that can be handled by the solver
For more information and the free BOSfluids demo version, visit the BOSfluids website: