BOSfluids 5.3 released

DRG is happy to announce the next release of BOSfluids, version 5.3. BOSfluids is our powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool used to prevent pipe failures caused by waterhammer and surge pressure events. The new BOSfluids provides many new features and improvements that are aimed at making BOSfluids an even more effective waterhammer and surge analysis tool.

The new features will be explained in a webinar on 8th of July.

BOSfluids solver improvements:

  • Dynamic pipe friction calculation
  • More accurate calculation of unbalanced forces
  • More sophisticated pump element (multiple pump curves; user-defined speed curve; bug fixes)
  • Improved tube rupture element (more accurate results and more robust implementation)
  • New Pipe Line element type for quick pressure loss calculations
  • Extension of the Pipe element with support for a minor loss coefficient (K-value)
  • Various improvements and bug fixes in the solver

    BOSfluids GUI improvements:

  • Support for saving 2-D plots and for batch export of 2-D plots
  • Support for the visual selection (in the 3-D viewer) of groups of elements
  • Support for duplicating a selected group of elements
  • For various improvements in the user interface please request a BOSfluids demo version here.

For more information, please contact:
Software Sales

Phone: +31 85 058 00 46