Dynaflow Research Laboratory

Test Lab facilities

Testing of materials and products is important for quality control purposes. Our Dynaflow Research Laboratory is equipped to test various mechanical and physical properties specifically important for the quality of fiber reinforced plastic material. In house testing capabilities, amongst others, consist of:

  • Tensile testing machine Testometric X500-50 (50kN)

  • High temperature oven for LOI Glass Content Testing

  • Barcol hardness measurement.

  • Optical microscope testing

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European Research Project - GEOTHERMICA

GEOTHERMICA is a European project to promote research and innovation in geothermal energy to make geothermal energy reliabe, safe and cost-competitive. GEOTHERMICA combines the financial resources and know-how of 20 geothermal energy research and innovation programme owners and managers from 16 countries and their regions. 

A multinational consortium of geothermal experts has launched a GEOTHERMICA project to develop a new glass fiber reinforced epoxy casing system for geothermal application, short GRE GEO. The casing system shall be used in new installations as well as utilized for workover for old wells. Furthermore, the project will include the guidelines and tools for the design, qualification, and installation of the GRE piping system.

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Standards and Codes

We are an active member in both ISO and NEN committees and actively contribute to the development of industry standards. Dynaflow Research Group (DRG) is a founding member of the iso14692 committee, the DNV Comittee for certificaftion of fiberglass craftsmanship and we are (co-)author of manu technical papers and code contributions.

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