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In every industrial plant, a wide range of different equipment can be found. To ensure the safe operation of the equipment, it needs to be designed and operated following various design code regulations (i.e. ASME VIII and EN13445).

Our team of experts is experienced and trained to verify equipment design and resolve related issues to deliver the optimal result leading to increased reliability and safe operation of the system. Whether it is a heat exchanger whose losses must be limited to a minimum, or a mixer with an unconventional impellor design that needs to be optimized, our experts have the right knowledge and tools to find a solution.

Besides optimizing or solving for specific design conditions, sometimes equipment needs to be validated before it can be used in the field. For this purpose, the equipment needs to be checked against the appropriate design code, like the ASME B&PV Code, Section VIII, Div. 2, Part 5 or the EN13445 Unfired Pressure Vessels, Annex C. Both these sections cover the design by analysis rules for pressure vessels and involve the method of stress linearization and stress categorization. This not only requires a fundamental understanding of the code, but it is also necessary to set up a simulation in advanced simulation software. Our engineers have a profound understanding of the matter and have a proven track record of multiple types of vessels. This makes DRG the right partner to analyze any equipment.

Finite Element Analysis

With FEA the possibilities are endless. In the storage and transportation industry, Finite Element Analysis may be used to quantify explosion damage or assess the effectiveness of a system to withstand dynamic loads. DRG has extensive experience in the use of FEA for linear, non-linear, dynamic, and thermal calculations.

Fiberglass - Geothermal, Finite Element Analysis, FEA
root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Despite the best engineering practices, failures cannot always be avoided. In case of a failure, including vibrations, leakage, or failure of fiberglass systems, we can assist in determining the root cause, how to solve it, and how to prevent similar failures in the future.

Vibration Analysis

Proper mitigation of vibrations is important in the prevention of fatigue failures. DRG specializes in vibration-related issues. Dynaflow can perform vibration measurements, modal analysis, and a mechanical response analysis to determine the source of the vibration and the necessary mitigation measures.

vibration analysis
fitness for service, ffs

Fitness For Service (FFS)

Over time, equipment might need to be assessed to ensure their integrity to continue functioning as designed. For that, the equipment is evaluated through analytical methods based on the applicable design code or through more complex and accurate numerical methods like FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

Computational Fluid Dynamics

In many situations, complex numerical fluid and mechanical analyses are required to understand how process conditions can affect equipment and determine its suitability for service.

FlowValve, CFD, Computational Flow Dynamics

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