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Asset Integrity

Designing and maintaining critical systems that are fit for purpose during the designed lifetime is of crucial importance to process industries. Maintaining containment of hazardous materials and ensuring that safety systems work when needed are two of the primary responsibilities of any facility. In the end, an asset is said to have integrity when it is operated and maintained so that the combination of the likelihood of failure and the consequence of failure makes the risk to people, to the environment, and to the company as low as reasonably practical.

The experts from Dynaflow Research Group (DRG) are trained to provide detailed advise during all different phases, ranging from the early design phase (FEED) providing engineering support to maintenance teams during the turnaround activities.

With our presence in Europe (NL) the Middle East (UAE) and North America, we can quickly plan a visit for on-site inspections. The team at Dynaflow Research Group has performed a multitude of asset integrity inspections, both in the onshore and offshore industry. The services provided for these industries included the performance of vibration measurements to assess the acceptability of oscillating equipment. For FRP equipment in particular, Barcol hardness tests were performed to ensure joint compliance. In addition, at DRG we provide a digital service through the REX equipment. This enables our engineering team to provide support when needed, directly from our office.

Together we will find an appropriate solution that can be directly implemented in the field. DRG has worldwide experience on asset integrity for over more than 35 years.

Fitness For Service

Over time, equipment might need to be assessed to ensure their integrity to continue functioning as designed. For that, the equipment is evaluated through analytical methods based on the applicable design code or through more complex and accurate numerical methods like FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

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root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Despite the best engineering practices, failures cannot always be avoided. In case of a failure involving vibrations, leakage, or ruptures we can assist in determining the root cause, how to solve it, and how to prevent similar failures in the future.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

With FEA the possibilities are endless. In the storage and transportation industry, Finite Element Analysis may be used to quantify explosion damage or assess the effectiveness of a system to withstand dynamic loads. DRG has extensive experience in the use of FEA for linear, non-linear, dynamic, and thermal calculations.

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