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Dynaflow Research Group (DRG) offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services across diverse engineering domains ranging from asset integrity to fiberglass engineering.

In Asset Integrity, we excel in designing and maintaining critical systems for process industries, ensuring operational safety and environmental protection. With over 35 years of global experience, our experts provide detailed advice from early design to maintenance support, conducting on-site inspections worldwide.

In addition, DRG focuses on the reliability and safety of industrial plants, providing tailored engineering services, including cost-efficient piping system design and thorough analyses of system responses to dynamic occurrences.

Our expertise extends to Fiberglass Engineering, specializing in FRP piping systems, and Equipment Engineering, where we verify designs and resolve issues to enhance reliability and safety. 

Key Services Dynaflow Research Group Provides

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Asset Integrity

Through our Asset Integrity services, we ensure that critical systems in process industries remain fit for purpose throughout their designed lifetime. With expertise spanning over 35 years, DRG's team provides comprehensive support from the early design phase (FEED) to maintenance activities. Some of the services provided include vibration measurements, Barcol hardness tests for FRP equipment compliance, and digital support through the REX equipment.

plant design, Ammonia Plant in Western Australia

Plant Design

At Dynaflow Research Group, we recognize the pivotal role of Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) in ensuring industrial plant and pipeline reliability, safety, and durability. Leveraging decades of expertise, we provide tailored engineering services across sectors such as petrochemicals, water, and renewable energies. Our team prioritizes cost-efficient and secure piping system design, conducting flexibility analyses using Caesar II to determine routing, support locations, and functionalities.

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Fiberglass Engineering

DRG specializes in the design, manufacturing, qualification, and installation of Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) piping systems. Founded in 1989, DRG has been instrumental in pioneering FRP applications for pressurized environments. As a founding member of ISO14692 and DNV committees, DRG's expertise meets the latest international standards. Our comprehensive services span from feasibility studies and conceptual design to material specification, qualification, and installation support. Trusted by major end-users like Shell, BP, and BASF, we offer practical, reliable, and independent consultancy, ensuring resilient FRP engineering solutions tailored to diverse industrial needs.



Dynaflow Research Group specializes in Equipment Engineering, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of diverse industrial plant equipment. Our team of engineers, well-versed in design codes like ASME VIII and EN13445, verifies designs and addresses issues to enhance reliability and safety. Whether optimizing heat exchangers for minimal losses or refining unconventional impeller designs in mixers, our experts employ the right knowledge and tools for effective solutions. Additionally, we offer validation services, checking equipment against relevant design codes like ASME B&PV Code and EN13445, utilizing advanced simulation software. With a proven track record in analyzing various vessels, DRG is the trusted partner for comprehensive equipment analysis.

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