Review and Risk-Assessment of Abandoned Coolwater System

Dynaflow Research Group provided consultancy services to finalize the construction of cooling water (CW) system of a chemical plant in the Texas, USA. The construction was interrupted for a period of 2 years. The CW system was constructed out of fiberglass material.

A full design review was performed for the CW system together with a risk assessment and risk mitigation analysis. Also, the condition of the already installed part of the CW system was reviewed, resulting in an inventory of existing and missing or damaged components. A significant part of the project was performed at the site to assess quality, damages, soil quality and agreement with design documentation.

The following activities were performed:

  • Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation assessment of the CW system
  • Pipe Design Verification and Qualification
  • System Design Engineering Verification
  • Modification of part of the routing of the CW system to address earlier installation mistakes.
  • Production and Installation Verification
  • Provide recommendations for finalizing the installation of the CW system

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