Geothermal Energy Production Support

The geothermal installation Trias Westaland, with presently 2 geothermal doublets, produces 40MW of sustainable thermal energy that is supplying heat to 54 greenhouses and several hundreds of households.

Geothermal wells typically produce gas along with the hot saline water that is pumped up from large depths. Therefore, most geothermal production lines have a degasser between the well and the geothermal heat transfer units. When such lines are shut down the gas collects at high locations and the liquid collects at low locations. To start-up production lines can be dangerous.

Dynaflow supported Trias Westland with the design of a protocol that enabled safe start-up of the geothermal production line of Trias 1. By engineering a specific timing of pump start-up and valve operation Dynaflow was able to lower the dynamic forces during a start-up to an acceptable level. Modifications to a limited amount of supports in the system were also proposed to further improve the system response, ensuring safe and reliable operation for the future.

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