Fiberglass piping design and installation for a petrochemical plant

DRG provides a complete set of engineering and consultancy services for Fiberglass piping (FRP) networks. This includes detailed engineering studies, product development, factory audits, site supervision, FEED support, third-party review for EPC projects, and root-cause investigation of failures.

DRG recently completed a third-party review project for the construction of a large petrochemical plant in Oman. This included an assessment of procured materials and factory audits, a review of all engineering, drawings, and other preparation, as well as weekly site supervision visits to cover activities such as jointing and hydrotesting. Also during these visits, assistance is provided by solving and engineering the difficulties that may occur at the site, where the reality is always more tenacious than anticipated during the engineering phase.

The project was executed from the Middle East office of DRG. “With such large projects there are many different parties and people involved that mistakes are easily made”, explains Edwin Schimmel. “Because the engineering reviews, factory audits, and site inspections are performed all by the same team from DRG, mismatches between design and practice are easily recognized. The installation of the Cooling Water system and Firewater system was completed trouble-free in late 2019.


For more information, please contact:

Edwin Schimmel
Project Engineer Engineer

Phone: +971 (0)4 447 4479

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