Development of a Biodiesel facility Rotterdam

Shell is building a biofuels facility at the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam, the Netherlands (Pernis Refinery) that will have an annual production capacity of 820,000 tonnes of biofuel. The biofuels facility is expected to start production in 2024. The project is ranked at position 7 in the top 10 projects in the energy transition. A range of certified sustainable vegetable oils, such as rapeseed, will supplement the waste feedstocks until even more sustainable advanced feedstocks are widely available. Source

Typical industrial application example of fiberglass (GRE) piping system

Dynaflow Research Group provides technical support for the materials selection of corrosion resistant fiberglass and polymer piping systems for e.g. firewater, cooling water and waste water. Dynaflow also assists in preparation of the technical requisition documentation,  vendor selection and assessment of the qualification documentation for this project. These topics are crucial for the delivery of a well-designed system and create the conditions of a successful field installation of fiberglass and polymer piping systems.

Typical Biodiesel Process

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