Dynaflow Research Group is a firm that specializes in the advanced end of the engineering spectrum. Our work often requires a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing the static and dynamic analysis of fluids, gases, and mechanical components. 

We believe we are at our best when creative thinking and a practical approach are required to tackle a problem.


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Asset Integrity

We ensure that critical systems in process industries remain fit for purpose throughout their designed lifetime

plant design, Ammonia Plant in Western Australia

Plant Design

We provide tailored engineering services across sectors such as petrochemicals, water, and renewable energies

fiberglass engineering, frp

Fiberglass Engineering

We offer practical, reliable, and independent consultancy, ensuring resilient FRP engineering solutions tailored to diverse industrial needs.



We specialize in equipment engineering, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of diverse industrial plant equipment


FlowValve, CFD, Computational Flow Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Fiberglass - Geothermal, Finite Element Analysis, FEA

Finite Element Analysis

fitness for service, ffs

Fitness For Service

fiberglass engineering, frp

Fiberglass Engineering

firewater engineering

Firewater Engineering

Header image - expertise pipe stress

Pipe Stress Engineering

Gas,Booster,Compressor,Reciprocating,Type,Drive,By,High,Voltage,Electric, pulsation analysis,

Pulsation Analysis

root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis

surge analysis, Fire Fighting System

Surge Analysis

vibration analysis

Vibration Analysis

wind engineering

Wind Engineering

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