Resume Tips

Whether you are updating your current resume or writing your first one, these recommendations may help you communicate your skills and experience to our recruiters and managers.

  • Update your resume to reflect your most recent work or school experience
  • Be able to discuss each project or experience listed
  • Include major accomplishments at previous jobs or school experiences
  • Outline types of project/internship you have worked on
  • Detail your educational background and any professional licenses or registrations you hold
  • Ensure that the document is free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Do not be concerned with limiting your resume to one page
  • Make sure that the person interviewing you has a full understanding of your overall experience

Interview Tips

If you are invited for an interview, we are already impressed by your achievements to date. However, it is not just your accomplishments that are important to us—it is also the skills you’ve developed along the way. Our interviewers are trained to examine your past accomplishments in depth, to determine if your skills position you well for a successful career at DRG. Be prepared to discuss your most important past experiences in a very detailed way, focusing on your specific role and describing the main actions that were critical to success.


The most effective way for us to assess your problem-solving skills is to discuss a typical DRG business cases with you. These cases demonstrate your ability to creatively approach complex problems, structure your thinking, and reach sensible conclusions in a short time based on the available facts. These skills are critical to being a successful consultant.

How You Will Be Evaluated?

Because case interviews present problems for which there are no predetermined answers, you will be evaluated more on how you go about dealing with the problem than on the specific answers you come up with. We will be assessing how you think about problems and whether you can reach a well-supported conclusion. We will also be gauging your ability to prioritize and exercise judgement within a business context. Your approach to the case and the insights you reach will demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and help us get a sense of your potential.

How To Apply?

The best way for you to apply is to use our on-line application form, where you can submit your resume, motivation letter and the details of your high school and University grades. When you submit your application, it is routed to our recruiting team.