About Us


At Dynaflow Research Group, we excel in addressing intricate engineering challenges involving flow dynamics, vibrations, and fiberglass piping.

We offer a unique combination of deep understanding of physics, engineering and software to develop sustainable solutions for our clients and society.

As specialists in advanced engineering, our work often demands a multi-disciplinary approach. We thrive when tasked with applying creative thinking and a practical approach to resolve complex issues.

Our vision is to be a leading consulting company that provides sustainable engineering solutions. At DRG, our greatest strengths shine through when we unite innovative thinking with practical skills to conquer any challenge.

Our History

In 1989, Dynaflow Engineering BV was founded by Dr. ir. Hans Bos who was at that time an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology in theoretical aerodynamics. This was the time when the first version of BOSfluids was developed, a software package that can be used to solve for water hammer in pipelines.

In 2008, Dynaflow Engineering changed its name to Dynaflow Research Group BV to better reflect our activities in the field of Engineering and Research. By that time the company had expanded to more different engineering fields and a larger and more international staff.

In 2015 our Middle-East office opened in Dubai, U.A.E. to support our Middle-Eastern clients better and more directly. Dynaflow is actively support clients in almost all countries of the Middle-East from that office in various fields but specifically in the area of Fiberglass piping.

In 2023 Dynaflow opened its US office, Dynaflow Research Group, Inc., in Houston, Texas. With this new US location, and plans to grow it in the future, Dynaflow will be better able to provide the highest levels of software, sales, and consulting support to customers in North America, increasing the value to all DRG customers

Currently Dynaflow Research Group is among the most well-known and respected specialists providing high level engineering consulting services. Our software packages BOSfluids, BOSpulse and ISOtracer are well-known and used on a global scale by all sorts of engineering firms. We continue to support our clients by software, training and consulting services

Our Values

Working Together

Working together is key to obtain high quality solutions. Our consultants are in direct contact with the client to keep track of their demands and desires. We work in a combined team of consultants and clients that is essential to create high quality solutions to best meet our client requirements.

Critical way of thinking

We belief that is crucial to maintain a critical way of thinking to solve the most complex engineering issues. Our consultants possess a self-critical attitude at a high degree. We always ask ourselves the why question so we get a deep understanding of the physics and the possible solutions at hand. 

Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge leads to deep understanding of physics, engineering and software to develop sustainable solutions for our clients and society. We are genuinely interested in discovering new aspects and angles, driven by technology and research, to learn every day and achieve the best results.

Own initiative

Our consultants are stimulated to take their own initiative since that results in commitment and drive to get things done. Each member has its own unique strengths and talents and that is exactly why they are part of our team and what makes it so strong.


At Dynaflow Research Group we believe it is of great importance to apply our expertise and experience in engineering to make the world a better place. 

Many of our clients face many challenges to meet the Glasgow goals for 2030. We support and stimulate them to find innovative and advanced solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption and reduce waste.

But we are also a respected partner in developing (FEED) new plants for green or bio-based fuels, hydrogen (H2) or geothermal applications. We apply the most modern and advanced technologies to develop sustainable energy solutions. 

ISO 9001 certified

Dynaflow Research Group provides advanced solutions in engineering by means of engineering consulting services, training courses, development and sales of software for engineering. We are well aware that our solutions not only affect the core processes of our clients, but also the safety of their employees and their environment. We therefore strive to embed quality monitoring and improvement at every level of our organization.

The quality management system of Dynaflow Research Group and the application thereof complies with the requirements as stipulated in the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.


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