Trusted partner since 1989

Since 1989, DRG provides specialized engineering services and tools. Our clients trust us with their most complex issues and often partner with us for many years.
Our academic background and long standing close connections with a number of Technical Universities allow us to maintain detailed knowledge of state-of-the-art knowledge and methods.
This knowledge, combined with our engineering experience in general enables us to deliver engineering solutions that help our clients maintain a leading edge in their business.


We support our clients in solving their most challenging engineering issues related to flow, vibrations, and fiberglass piping.

We offer a unique combination of deep understanding of physics, engineering and software to develop sustainable solutions for our clients and society.

Dynaflow Research Group is a firm which specializes in the advanced end of the engineering spectrum. Our work often requires a multi-disciplinary approach. We believe that we are at our best when creative thinking and a practical approach are required to tackle a problem.
Our vision is to be a leading consulting company that provides sustainable engineering solutions. At DRG we believe that we are at our best when combining creative thinking and practical skills to solve a problem.


Seawind Ocean Technology

Seawind ocean technology and Dynaflow Research Group announce collaboration focusing on technical readiness of floating offshore wind applications in the mediterranean sea.

This partnership will accelerate floating wind turbine deployment in the Mediterranean Sea by focusing on the conditions for large-scale deployment in an area that is very promising but where currently no floating wind projects exist.

The collaboration between the two companies will cover a number of technical analyses and engineering studies in offshore wind plant optimisation in relation to Seawind’s projects.

Shell BioFuel

Shell is building a biofuels facility at the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam, the Netherlands (Pernis Refinery) that will have an annual production capacity of 820,000 tonnes of biofuel. This project is ranked at position 7 in the top 10 projects in the energy transition (port of Rotterdam).

Dynaflow Research Group provided technical support for the materials selection of corrosion resistant fiberglass and polymer piping systems for e.g., firewater, cooling water and waste water.

Dynaflow also assists in preparation of the technical requisition documentation, vendor selection and assessment of the qualification documentation

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The team behind your project

We work closely together with our client to find a creative and effective solution that satisfies the project requirements.

We always ask ourselves the why question in order to get a more fundamental understanding of the physics behind the problem. This often results in a more effective solution for our clients.

Meet our people.


At Dynaflow Research Group we believe it is of great importance to apply our expertise and experience in engineering to make the world a better place. 

Many of our clients face many challenges to meet the Glasgow goals for 2030. We support and stimulate them to find innovative and advanced solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption and reduce waste.

But we are also a respected partner in developing (FEED) new plants for green or bio-based fuels, hydrogen (H2) or geothermal applications. We apply the most modern and advanced technologies to develop sustainable energy solutions. 

Green World through Sustainable Industry

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